HomeCare Services of CT is a homemaker / companion agency solely providing non-medical services

In-Home Services

Services designed and guaranteed to fit your needs or your money back! Each client’s care needs are unique. Providing effective care in different circumstances requires varying levels of caregiver experience, skill, and training. Even personality characteristics are taken into consideration when matching clients with caregivers, to ensure harmony and peace of mind for all concerned.

General Care & Living Assistance

Our caregivers provide assistance for the “activities of daily living” sometimes known as ADLs. Assistance with these types of needs gives family members the ability to spend quality time with loved ones when they are together. Activities of daily living include:

  • Personal Care – bathing, grooming, dressing, mealtime assistance, medication reminders, toileting and incontinence care.
  • Companionship and Recreation – attending events, visits with friends, lunch and dinner outings, shopping, and exploring hobbies and interests.
  • Transportation and Mobility – seeing doctors as scheduled, running errands to grocery store, pharmacy, or other stores, mild exercise and walking outdoors.
  • Household Tasks – light cleaning, changing of linens and making of beds, assistance with pets, and laundry.

24-Hour Live-in Assistance

For our clients whose circumstances require around-the-clock live-in care, we typically provide our most experienced caregivers. Two different options are available when live-in care is appears necessary or desirable:

  • Option 1 – most commonly utilized, whereby a caregiver spends 24 hours in your household with a full 8-hour overnight sleeping break and intermittent breaks throughout the day. The caregiver is available on an emergency basis during the sleeping break period.
  • Option 2 – provides “alert and awake” care at all hours (with the exception of standard breaks). This care is typically handled in shifts of two and sometimes three caregivers for clients who need frequent and constant attention throughout all hours of the day.

Post Hospitalization/Surgery Recovery

It is very common for seniors to face challenges with their daily activities following surgery or other hospital stays. Many times these clients are used to taking care of themselves and view caregiving as an intrusion into their private lives. Our caregivers understand these frustrations and work diligently to provide the right care that allows clients to maintain their independence and mobility, while respecting their privacy and need for control over their environment. Assistance with meal preparation, bathing, grooming and transportation to frequent doctor appointments helps insure a speedy recovery and return to a more normal life after surgery.